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Biocontainment Specialist

Formerly a Biocontainment Laboratory Administrator at Kansas State University’s Biosecurity Research Institute, Beth has utilized a variety of biodecontamination technologies. Now, she's an expert decontamination consultant for CURIS customers. Her expertise is highlighted in a co-authored article for the Journal of Applied Biosafety.

Joining CURIS after intensive work at Kansas State University’s Biosecurity Research Institute, Beth, a true biocontainment solutions expert, navigated the intricacies of a BSL-3, ABSL-3, ABSL-3Ag, and ACL-3 environment. Her vast exposure spans various technologies, with a notable emphasis on high-concentration hydrogen peroxide, making her a key H2O2 decontamination expert. The peer-reviewed article she co-authored, “Analysis of Range and Use of a Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide System for Biosafety Level 3 and Animal Biosafety Level 3 Agricultural Laboratory Decontamination”, further highlights her adeptness in industry-tailored decontamination strategies. Prior to her high containment endeavors, Beth was instrumental at the K-State Rabies Laboratory, a paragon of global biodecontamination solutions, accredited by CLIA and AAVLD.

Outside of Work: As she approaches the conclusion of her Masters in Agribusiness, Beth passionately volunteers as a firefighter in Kansas and enjoys time spent with her dogs and horse.



Director of Business Development

From his early days in the defense electronics industry to his leadership role with a large sterilization company, Rich brings a wealth of expertise and experience to CURIS. He's now at the forefront of driving innovative global biodecontamination solutions, ensuring business innovation in markets around the world.

Starting off as an Industrial/Manufacturing Engineer in the Defense electronics Industry, then transitioning into Sales, Sales Management, and then Business Development in the A&E and Infection Control arenas, Rich's journey is nothing short of exemplary. His stint as CEO of a Sterilization Company and knowledge of sterilization and infection control technologies has solidified him as an H2O2 decontamination expert. On the verge of retirement, CURIS System approached him, recognizing his prowess in decontamination sales consultancy, and offered the role of Director of Business Development. Intrigued by the groundbreaking HHP decontamination technology, Rich chose to forgo retirement, eager to aid CURIS in its biodecontamination research collaborations and expansion endeavors. His experience with varied sterilization technologies, applications, and containment environments places him at the forefront of devising industry-tailored decontamination strategies. A sentiment resonated by his peers with the phrase, “Call Rich!”

Outside of Work: When not trailblazing the path for CURIS, Rich cherishes moments with his grandkids and family. Despite being constantly on the move, he has warmly welcomed Sarge, a German Shepherd, into his family.


VP of Revenue Operations

Serving as an integral H2O2 decontamination expert at CURIS for a decade, Jeff's ascent from the manufacturing line to the business development realm showcases his versatility and depth as an expert decontamination consultant.

For the past 10 years, Jeff has been instrumental in the evolution of CURIS, shaping it from a startup into a powerhouse for global biodecontamination solutions. His initial hands-on experience on the manufacturing line naturally led to his involvement in biodecontamination process optimization. This eventually paved his way to decontamination sales consultancy, where he's been pivotal in assisting research labs, pharmaceutical arenas, and healthcare facilities in embracing CURIS' revolutionary HHP technology. As a beacon in life science business development, Jeff bridges language barriers with his bilingual skills, fostering broader biodecontamination research collaborations. Based at the CURIS HQ in Oviedo, FL, Jeff stands as a gateway to the brand's multifaceted departments, ensuring stakeholders are always connected to the right expertise.

Outside of Work: Alongside passions like fishing and 3D printing, Jeff and his wife passionately support foster care and adoption, recently welcoming two young boys into their family.



Biodecontamination Service Manager

Emerging from leading platoons in the US Marine Corps, Austin seamlessly transitioned to CURIS, showcasing his expertise as a top-tier biocontainment solutions expert. His process optimization skills, honed with Lean Six Sigma credentials and combined with a mission-first attitude, guarantee unparalleled excellence in every biodecontamination process optimization.

Austin's exemplary journey began at the University of Florida, post which he was commissioned as an officer in the US Marine Corps. As a Combat Engineer Officer, his leadership saw him directing forces of varying magnitudes, from small teams to vast platoons, a testament to his unmatched operations management prowess. At CURIS, his knack for handling multiple tasks, even in the most stressful situations, labels him as the ideal expert decontamination consultant. Embracing challenges with a “mission first” mindset, Austin ensures not just satisfaction but fosters long-standing client relationships. His dynamic leadership and innovative strategies fuel the expansion of CURIS Services, where he reigns as the Biodecontamination Service Manager. For projects demanding keen expertise, Austin remains the prime choice, lending his H2O2 decontamination expertise to both large and intricate smaller ventures.

Outside of Work: From rock climbing to beekeeping, Austin's diverse interests are anchored in nature. He cherishes time spent with his wife and their four dogs, has a penchant for environmental conservation, and is an avid reader.

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Do your sales representatives offer hands-on experience with your biodecontamination solutions?

Certainly. Many of our sales reps, acting as expert decontamination consultants, provide on-site demonstrations and industry-tailored decontamination strategies. Coordinate directly to tailor a session to your facility's needs.

Can I consult with a sales representative for biodecontamination process optimization?

Indeed. Our representatives are experts in biodecontamination process optimization and are available to ensure you receive the best global biodecontamination solutions for your challenges.

Are your sales representatives acquainted with international biodecontamination benchmarks?

Definitely. We have reps who are H2O2 decontamination experts who have liaised with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committees, ensuring our team's proficiency in both local and global standards.

What sectors do your sales representatives cater to?

CURIS serves diverse sectors, with reps possessing distinct expertise. From research labs to pharmaceutical producers, our team is equipped to provide industry-tailored decontamination strategies for all.

How do CURIS sales representatives stay up-to-date with the latest biodecontamination technologies?

CURIS representatives are deeply involved in biodecontamination research collaborations. Their proactive engagement with scientific publications ensures they remain updated with the most recent innovations.


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