From working directly with service providers, CURIS knows disinfection and decontamination are necessary in a wide variety of spaces. Getting your decontamination system to those treatment sites needs to be easy. Other so-called portable devices are heavy, awkward, tipsy, or require the transport of numerous pieces. At just 36 pounds, CURIS foggers were developed to deliver powerful disinfection in a compact and easy-to-use package that goes wherever the germs are and sets up in minutes. Plus, the system is built tough like a rugged suitcase to arrive safely wherever you take it and prevent tipping during transit and use.



Most disinfectants on the market only achieve up to a 99.99% kill, potentially leaving thousands of infectious organisms behind. CURIS® provides high-level, sporicidal disinfection where germs hide. Our device and solution are dual registered with the EPA as a sporicidal disinfectant. Dual registered means the device and the solution are approved for use together so you know it works. CURoxide™, together with the CURIS device, is on the EPA's Lists K & N, approved for use against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and kills 99.9999% of C. diff in a tri-part soil load. We are especially proud of this distinction since this proves CURIS kills C. diff even through a soil load, not just on a clean surface.

Proving the System Works

Biological indicators take the mystery out of efficacy and insert science into the decontamination process. What does it mean to validate a treatment cycle? It means you can now have a science-based method that helps determine if your system is operating as it should to a 6-log reduction of a bacterial spore in YOUR environment.

How do You Know Your System is Working?


CURIS found very early on that our customers had more than one space requiring disinfection and decontamination. While some were reacting to an infectious disease outbreak and others were primarily focused on infection prevention, each had multiple areas (of varying size and dimensions) needing treatment. We addressed their needs by creating multiple attachments and convertible systems to increase functionality. Whether needing to fog an enclosed space with HHP™ decontamination technology (Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ technology) or needing to spray a large, open space like a stadium or exterior structures, we've got you covered.

Created to be light and portable from the beginning, we’ve added the CURIS 3 with an extension nozzle, a hand sprayer, a dual applicator, and the TRINITY unit to our product line to provide customers with an adjustable, multipurpose system to fit their needs. The built-in flexibility of CURIS allows for multipurpose use—regardless of your facility's needs—CURIS System provides seamless, effective disinfection for all your spaces.


During the design of the device, we started with science and an understanding of why chemical disinfection often fails—surfaces often don't stay wet with disinfectant for a long enough time (dwell time), or if they do, the surface gets soaked. We solved this problem with our patented Pulse™ technology. CURIS® Pulse™ automatically cycles on and off ensuring treated spaces maintain the necessary environment to achieve the highest level of efficacy.

Why does CURIS® Pulse™ matter?

Every chemical solution has a dwell time, and vaporous hydrogen peroxide decontamination is no exception. Too little contact and efficacy suffers; too much and surfaces are soaked, resulting in potentially dangerous dosing which can cause material compatibility issues. CURIS® Pulse™ solves these common problems by…

CURIS Dwell TimeInjecting

less solution to the treatment area = drier treatment


the injected solution to create micro-condensation


the solution & inhibiting premature evaporation

The result is a powerful combination of efficacy and reliability in a science-driven, validatable delivery.