CURIS 3: The Leader in Versatile, Portable Disinfection

Portable, powerful, and designed for maximum efficacy, the CURIS 3 sets a new standard in contamination control. Alongside its cutting-edge technology, the CURIS 3 offers scalability that syncs seamlessly with your existing systems, providing comprehensive protection, and peace of mind.



One Device, Multiple Uses

CURIS Generator


Utilizes unique Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ (HHP™) technology for optimal contamination control.

sprayer attachment


Lightweight, hand-held attachment for uniform disinfection of large areas.

dual applicator icon

Dual Application

Ability to attach nozzles for treatment of multiple spaces simultaneously.

trinity integration icon


Syncs with multiple CURIS devices or the TRINITY system for closed-loop decontamination.

versatility picture

Compact Portability

At 36 pounds, it's the most portable and versatile Hydrogen Peroxide system.

EPA approval icon

Federally Compliant

EPA, FDA, Annex 1, Sporicidal System, ≥6-log efficacy*.

Pathogens are rarely confined to only one space.

That’s why you need a portable contamination control device that can get to the germs, wherever they may travel.

CURIS 3 System Details


Biopharmaceutical Spaces

Bio Safety Level Labs 2, 3, and 4

GMP/GLP Facilities

Biotech Spaces

Cell Gene Therapy

Wholeroom & Zone Decontamination



Research Facilities

And More...



— No corrosion or peeling paint

— Small and easily transportable

— Remote operation & data capture

— Superior material compatibility



— Patented pulse technology

— Operate Remotely via CURIS App

— Data capture/tracking system

— Multiple device sync (up to 20)


How do you know your decontamination system is efficacious?

We recommend validating H2O2 sterilization equipment with sporicidal biological indicators of Geobaccilus Stearothermophilus in a tyvek-tyvek pouch to the 6-log.

Can I operate CURIS 3 without entering the room?

Our portable disinfection system is designed to operate remotely through a wireless app that can start, stop, and control the device without ever entering the contamination control area. Cycle details are captured and produced for report generation from its onboard system.

Can this efficacious machine reach remote locations?

CURIS’ hydrogen peroxide disinfectant uses a unique combination of vaporous and submicron particles to reach every nook and crevice spray and wipe misses.

What size enclosure can CURIS 3 decontaminate?

Each hydrogen peroxide fogger can aerosolize disinfectant spray in a space up to 11,000 cubic feet (~310 cubic meters). Multiple machines can also be wirelessly synced to sanitize a space up to 220,000 cubic ft (~6,200 cubic meters).


The CURIS app allows for remote operation and in-depth data management. Automated systems self-calculate treatment areas, sensors help regulate operation, and users can wirelessly sync up to 20 devices to produce valuable reports of each treatment performed. LEARN MORE

Curis Core CURIS app