Addressing Contamination in Biotechnology

Biotechnology and drug development processes may be exposed to contamination events that can significantly impact drug discovery, supplies, as well as patient well-being. CURIS responds to these challenges with innovative decontamination solutions designed to manage potential biological contaminants effectively. Our technology bolsters your bioburden elimination and sterility testing process, accommodating the rigorous demands of contamination control in your sensitive environment.

Supporting Biotechnology Advancements

The dynamic pharmaceutical industry requires solutions that support all operations, from upstream to downstream processes, and formulation to fill. CURIS caters to these needs with technology designed to handle diverse applications, making the maintenance of sterile environments more efficient and effortless.

Decontamination Solutions for:

Vaccine Discovery | Passthrough & Airlocks | Batch Production & Changeover

Vaccine Discovery

In the critical sector of vaccine development within biological-containment laboratories, CURIS delivers robust decontamination solutions. CURIS systems target potential contaminants throughout the process, from equipment decontamination to cleanroom environments, effectively preventing any disruption to the crucial supply of vaccines.


Cleanrooms: Passthroughs & Material Airlock

Manual decontamination in pass-throughs and airlocks can be labor-intensive and lack thorough validation. CURIS offers automated, validated solutions that cut costs and ensure comprehensive decontamination while enhancing manufacturing productivity. Led by our contamination control specialists, we sustain your industry's stringent compliance requirements.


Batch Production & Changeover

Transitions between production batches and changeovers demand thorough biodecontamination to prevent potential cross-contamination or bio-tainting of products. CURIS' advanced Vaporous Hydrogen Peroxide technology (hybrid hydrogen peroxide™) achieves a zero-baseline environmental bioburden, protecting your production from costly wastage and material losses.


CURIS Applications

Why Choose CURIS?

CURIS Technology for Biotechnology

CURIS leads the field in advanced contamination control solutions. Our patented HHP™ (Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide) and Pulse™ technologies deliver unsurpassed decontamination for a wide range of sectors. Whether it's life sciences, healthcare, or the public sector, our solutions offer unparalleled protection. Experience the CURIS difference

CURIS Validation

CURIS sets the bar high with EPA, FDA, and Annex I sporicidal compliance. Our safer*, validatable, repeatable ≥6 log* efficacy is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Choose CURIS, not only for superior solutions but also as a dependable partner committed to safety and quality. View Studies