Promoting Biosecurity in Cell and Gene Therapy Production

Your facility can be significantly impacted by microbial contamination, presenting notable financial, operational, and clinical risks. CURIS recognizes the critical nature of a clean cell line in gene therapy and the importance of maintaining sterile conditions during cell handling.

Upholding Sterile Conditions in Therapy Advancement

CURIS' flexible decontamination solutions help to create a secure, contaminant-free environment, allowing for efficient disinfection in cell and gene therapy processes. Our commitment is to support the safe development of pioneering therapies, mitigating risks and ensuring biosecurity in gene therapy operations.

Decontamination Solutions for:

Aseptic Manipulation | Streamline Improvements | Equipment Decontamination

Aseptic Manipulation

In gene, cell, and CAR-T therapies, aseptic manipulation is essential. CURIS' advanced decontamination systems enhance these sterile conditions, improving treatment precision and efficiency while minimizing contamination risks. With CURIS, you can maintain GMP compliance in cell and gene therapy and expand patient treatment capabilities.


Streamlined Gene and Cell Therapy Processes

CURIS decontamination systems offer a streamlined approach to gene and cell therapy processes, requiring less space, reducing energy usage, and mitigating exposure to risk. Our contamination control technology enables quick, safe cell handling in controlled aseptic conditions, with decontaminated tools aiding precision-driven gene therapy.


Equipment Decontamination

CURIS provides custom decontamination solutions for diverse equipment, suitable for maintaining cleanroom sterility in cell therapy. Our hydrogen peroxide systems are adaptable for diverse applications and ideal for equipment such as isolators, biological safety cabinets, incubators, and lyophilizers.


CURIS Applications

Why Choose CURIS?

CURIS Technology for Cell & Gene Therapy

CURIS leads the field in advanced contamination control solutions. Our patented HHP™ (Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide) and Pulse™ technologies deliver unsurpassed decontamination for a wide range of sectors. Whether it's life sciences, healthcare, or the public sector, our solutions offer unparalleled protection. Experience the CURIS difference

CURIS Validation

CURIS sets the bar high with EPA, FDA, and Annex I sporicidal compliance. Our safer*, validatable, repeatable ≥6 log* efficacy is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Choose CURIS, not only for superior solutions but also as a dependable partner committed to safety and quality. View Studies