Multi-Function HHP™ Generator
The CURIS 3 revolutionizes decontamination with its portable hydrogen peroxide system. Built for bio safety labs, biopharmaceutical spaces, and advanced research facilities, it offers scalable decontamination, remote operation, and patented pulse technology for superior results.
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Modular Equipment & Room Decontamination
A groundbreaking and completely new modular method of delivering whole-space decontamination. Exclusive to CURIS System, this patent-pending technology combines the safety of a low-level micro aerosol with the penetration of a vapor (hybrid hydrogen peroxide™) to treat closed systems like isolators, small spaces, and gnotobiotic chambers. Invisible to the eye, this innovative delivery system permeates the chamber and any onboard filters with an effective treatment that will not wet surfaces.
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Enclosed Vaporous HP Decontamination System
Advanced technology for effortless decontamination of enclosed systems.
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Custom Facility Integration

Customization/Integration Designed for You
As part of our mission to provide high-level disinfection and decontamination technology for any space, CURIS works closely with individual facilities to design solutions to meet their specific needs, such as integrated room systems or permanently mounted systems.
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SMART APP & Data Management
Conquer remote operation and record your decontamination efforts with the CURIS App and Data Management. As the only disinfection system utilizing wireless Bluetooth technology, the CURIS App and data management safely track and store your decontamination history so you can prove your disinfection efforts are going the extra mile to combat resistant pathogens.
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Decontamination Services

Decontamination, Documentation, Validation, IOQ, Cycle Development
Services to mitigate contamination risk after shutdown, comprehensive biodecontamination for cleanrooms, equipment, enclosures, entire rooms, controlled and sensitive environments.
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