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Take a strategic approach to biological contamination

CURIS System provides comprehensive decontamination solutions against biological threats. We blend cutting-edge technology with strategic processes, ensuring superior contamination control. Are you ready to upgrade your process?

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Achieve a ≥ 6-log repeatable reduction*

CURIS' innovative Pulse™ technology combines vaporous hydrogen peroxide and micro-aerosol (creating Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide™ technology) for complete facility disinfection. Our products deliver a consistent 6-log reduction of Geobacillus spores at lower concentrations, ensuring peace of mind without exposing your materials or personnel to high-consequence chemicals.

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CURIS System: Advancing biosafety one Pulse™ at a time.

Federal Approvals and Compliance

Latest Webinars and Presentations

Interview: Making Biodecontamination Faster, Safer, and Easier

In this interview, Frances Grinstead shares how CURIS innovations are helping pharmaceutical facility managers and biosafety officers make gaseous biodecontamination of their spaces faster, safer, and easier. Using a 7% hybrid hydrogen peroxide system delivers a mix of micro-aerosols and vapor to a space at precisely calibrated intervals to achieve high-level decontamination. With the recent challenges in staffing, CURIS has created a single piece of equipment to complete multiple tasks in a lab, saving time and money. 

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BSC Decontamination using Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide Technology

Discover the ease and efficacy of using the CURIS TRINITY™ gaseous decontamination device to decontaminate your biological safety cabinets. As presented at the CETA 2022 Conference, three BSC manufacturers—Baker, NuAire, and Germfree—present their experience and results of using the CURIS TRINITY™ to decon their specific products.

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HHP Efficacy in Large and Challenging Spaces

This webinar discusses the efficacy and feasibility of CURIS System's hybrid hydrogen peroxide (HHP™) technology to decontaminate large and challenging spaces as shown in a recent study.


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Patented Pulse Technology: Our Advantage


Non-corrosive decontamination product

Excellent material compatibility with low 7% concentration

Effective cleaning solution
Superior Efficacy

45x more effective than traditional EVS cleaning +UV methods**

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EPA, FDA, Annex I

Among a select few systems to be EPA*, FDA, Annex I compliant

Fast decontamination solution
Fast Turnover

3-5x faster turnover than competing legacy systems 

CURIS® Pulse revolutionizes disinfection by perfecting dwell time and surface concentration. 

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Redefining Your Decontamination

Take a decisive stance against biological contamination with HHP™ solutions.

Embrace the future with CURIS System, revolutionizing disinfection through advanced biodecontamination devices. Our offerings range from compact to large-scale solutions, each featuring innovative Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide decontamination technology (HHP™ technology) and patented Pulse™ technology for consistent, high-level disinfection. Explore our range and elevate your decontamination process with CURIS System.

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Laboratory & Research

The realm of research lies in its sterile environment, where groundbreaking work thrives in the absence of contamination. Learn More

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical manufacturing thrives on absolute sterility, where precision in decontamination meets the rigor of medicinal production. Learn More


Driving the future of medicine through biotechnology requires pristine environments, where sterility is the backbone of discovery and production. Learn More

Cell & Gene Therapy

Cell and gene therapy flourishes in the sanctum of sterility, where each cellular interaction builds the future of personalized medicine. Learn More


At the heart of healthcare, decontamination is pivotal for upholding the safety standards for both patients and caregivers. Learn More

Public Sector: Education, EMS, Military, Transportation

Improve public safety with CURIS System's innovative disinfection solutions for education, transportation, military operations, and emergency services. Learn More

Emerging Viral Threats

In the face of evolving pathogens, CURIS stands at the forefront, ensuring safety amidst the unpredictable landscape of emerging viral threats. Learn More

Scientifically Proven & Federally Approved

CURIS provides an effective, EPA-approved biodecontamination system.

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Delve into the Science Behind Our Peer-Reviewed Studies & Federal Approvals

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Achieving Efficacy with Patented Pulse Technology: Ensuring 99.9999% Sporicidal Disinfection


“We very much rely on our CURIS System for our disinfection needs.”

P. Murchland, Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital

“ effective decontamination system for our necropsy and laboratories.”

Animal Life Sciences, KSU

“This is the best move we made as a company for our need to decontaminate our mobile pharmacies and laboratories.”

Biotech Manufacturer, Florida

“...finally...We have logged 100% kill rate each time using independent laboratories to analyze our samples.”

M. Miller, Sterilization Services Company in Massachusetts

“I could not have asked for a better outcome. Our CURIS representative was engaged, helpful, and very knowledgeable. It's a been a great experience.”

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