Comprehensive Disinfection Solutions for Modern Healthcare

CURIS presents advanced, EPA-registered disinfection solutions designed to tackle unique challenges in your healthcare facility. Our systems are designed to effectively combat healthcare-associated infections while ensuring optimum sterility in high-stakes areas such as critical care units and operating rooms.

Promoting Biosafety in Diverse Healthcare Contexts

Our decontamination systems find extensive use across various healthcare contexts, including emergency outbreak responses and specialized scenarios like ambulance decontamination. CURIS plays a crucial role in shaping a safer, cleaner healthcare landscape by facilitating a comprehensive approach to biosecurity.

CURIS in Action: Transforming Healthcare Disinfection Practices

Reprocessing and Class I Medical Devices: The Power of CURIS's 7000fi

Decontamination Solutions for:

HAI's | Critical Care Units | Operating Rooms | Outbreak Response

Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

CURIS solutions are instrumental in providing high-level disinfection in healthcare settings, tackling the pervasive issue of healthcare-associated infections. Utilizing our medical fogger machine, CURIS eliminates a wide range of pathogens, like C. diff and MRSA, providing a safer environment for patients and healthcare staff.


Critical and Specialized Care Units

For critical care units, where a sterilized environment is paramount, CURIS provides a tailored solution. Our fogger machine for hospitals works efficiently to disinfect ICUs, Burn Units, BMT units, and NICUs reaching every crevice and ensuring a consistent disinfected environment for immunocompromised patients.


Operating Rooms and Outbreak Response

CURIS supports safety in operating rooms with our hospital-grade EPA-registered disinfectant, reducing the risk of Surgical Site Infections (SSIs). In outbreak scenarios, CURIS shines as an emergency response asset, providing rapid, efficient disinfection and controlling the spread of disease effectively.


Management in Healthcare Facilities

CURIS offers a range of disinfection solutions, from routine services to specialized tasks such as ambulance decontamination systems. In hospital pharmacies, CURIS ensures the integrity and safety of medications with our disinfection fogger. During the construction or renovation of healthcare facilities, CURIS provides comprehensive decontamination management to ensure safety standards from the start.


CURIS Applications

Why Choose CURIS?

CURIS Technology for Healthcare

CURIS leads the field in advanced contamination control solutions. Our patented HHP™ (Hybrid Hydrogen Peroxide) and Pulse™ technologies deliver unsurpassed decontamination for a wide range of sectors. Whether it's life sciences, healthcare, or the public sector, our solutions offer unparalleled protection. Experience the CURIS difference

CURIS Validation

CURIS sets the bar high with EPA, FDA, and Annex I sporicidal compliance. Our safer*, validatable, repeatable ≥6 log* efficacy is uniquely tailored to your specific needs. Choose CURIS, not only for superior solutions but also as a dependable partner committed to safety and quality. View Studies