UV light - Shadows and Distance and Time OH MY!

Since the pandemic we’re all trying to use high level disinfection methods that work quickly, easily, and safely, but are those things mutually exclusive? While UV light is thought to have strong and fast germ killing properties while being safe on surfaces, the reality is that it’s not that simple. It’s well documented that the strongest UV lights used to disinfect operating rooms in hospitals have significant challenges with killing germs in shadows, effecting the killing efficacy to where it’s almost nonexistent. Along with the amount of light being a factor, the proximity an object is from the light can affect how many germs can be killed. And the speed? Those super strong Hospital grade lights require as much as 40 minutes in contact with the surface to equal what EPA disinfectants can achieve. The reality is, UV light works when used properly, but it’s not as fast or effective as you may think.